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Conexio's team of software specialists are experienced in providing tailor made and off the shelf solutions.

Velocity Business Management Software

The Velocity system is a powerful add-on to the Avery Berkel range of scales.


For retail outlets it provides:


  • Product and Pricing Management

  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities

  • Shelf and counter edge labelling

  • Stock management

  • Automatic detection of allergens for labels


For wholesalers:


  • Invoicing

  • Account statements

  • Custom pricing models per customer

  • Integration with external account systems (i.e. Sage, Kashflow, Xero)

  • Email paperwork, including invoices and statements to customers

XM420 Scale

In addition Velocity can be integrated with the Order Point web based ordering service, for more information see the Order Point page or click here.

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Velocity Cloud Backup

The automated back up system is an optional extra that comes with Velocity; it provides fully automatic cloud based back up for your precious data on a daily basis.There is no need to run a back up, and save the file on your USB stick or external hard drive, we can take care of this for you with our automated service.The system will automatically back up your system everyday; it makes a copy on your PC and sends a copy to our cloud storage for safe keeping. The data is kept for 10 days so if you ever need to revert back to a previous point in time you can. You will receive an email every morning letting you know if the back worked and that your data is safe.

Innovative software solutions not limited by current thinking or technology.

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