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Order Point

The Order Point web based ordering service is an addition to the Velocity Business Management system. It allows for wholesale orders to be placed directly into the Velocity system by the customer; there is no longer any need to write orders on pieces of paper or take messages from the answer phone.


For the customers:

  • Customers can order at their convenience.

  • Optimised to work on a standard PC or mobile phone.

  • Removes any chance for mistakes when ordering.

For the wholesaler:

  • Fully functioning web ordering system.

  • Hosting and maintenance is handled by us.

  • You decide which products get listed on the website.

  • All interactions with the website are powered from Velocity.

  • Removes all paperwork associated when ordering.

  • Quick order feature allows the customer to send you a message.

For a closer look at Order Point click the link to be directed to the Order Point website

Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation

Order in Velocity

Order in Velocity

Placing an Order

Placing an Order



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