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Innovative software solutions not limited by current thinking or technology

Conexio's mission is to develop flexible innovative software solutions that are not limited by current thinking or technology.



Conexio Software Ltd are a software company based in the Midlands, UK, backed by 15 years experience in software engineering we provide both bespoke and off the shelf software products to the Weights and Measures industry.


To us coding software is an art form and we use the industry leading technologies and platforms to provide our clients with cutting edge and innovative solutions, enabling them to elevate their company to a whole new level of success.


Supplying software is not where we stop, each project is fully understood by our client focused team who remain with you before, during and after installation. From conception through to installation, training and support we are at your side until you are fully satisified with your system.


At Conexio we understand that you may not be an expert in writing software or even using it as we are, that's why our products are easy to use and simple to configure. No previous knowledge of programming is necessary, we do everything to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with your new solution.



Our vision is to be the premier supplier of software products and services to the Weights and Measures industry. We aim to provide our customers with tailor made solutions to meet their exact requirements.


We believe that excellent customer service should continue even after successful product delivery.

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